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For the first time since it’s initial release in 1985, the third and final full-length album from female-fronted speed metal pioneers ACID appears again on vinyl!

• Deluxe packaging includes a full color jacket and a full-color 12” x 24” foldout insert featuring  photos hand-picked by the band, an interview, plus the conclusion of the liner notes from Classic Rock/Metal Hammer writer Malcolm Dome.

• Pioneers in more ways than one, ACID were the first known female-fronted speed / thrash metal band, kicking open the floodgates for many future female metal vocalists to come.


1. S.T.C.    
2. Lost In Hell
3. Halloween Queen    
4. Big Ben
5. Lady Death   


6. Warriors Of The Dark    
7. Let Me Die    
8. She Loves You
9. Engine Beast
10. Satan’s Delivery

Formed circa 1980 in the Belgian town of Brugge, ACID were among the first European bands to emerge in the wake of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal that spawned artists such as Iron Maiden, Saxon and Diamond Head. Driven by the pile-driver double-bass drums of Anvill and fronted by the charismatic, leather-loving singer/dominatrix Kate de Lombaerd, the quintet soon evolved from a gritty heavy metal band into the first ever female-fronted speed metal unit, heavily inspired by the likes of Motorhead, Tank, Venom and Raven.

Following a prolific run of releases and live appearances from 1981 through early 1984, Belgium’s female-fronted hellchild of Venom and Motorhead seemed to have gone quiet, assumed by many never to be seen again. That is, until 1985 when the engines began to rumble once more as original members Kate, Dizzy Lizzy, Anvill, T-Bone and Demon returned to delivery Engine Beast, a slightly more polished yet no less punishing slab of driving speed-metal torment. Alas, it proved only a temporary stay of execution as tensions and musical differences pulled the band members in different directions, marking the end of the historical band. No mistake about it - ACID’s proud legacy left an indelible mark in the history of heavy metal that is still celebrated over 30 years later by fans in all corners of the globe.