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• HALLOWEEN HOOTENANNY Orange/Purple Haze Vinyl
• LURCH'S LAMENT Green/Black Haze Vinyl

Originally released in 1965, The Addams Family: Original Music From the TV Series album has been brought back to life one more time... Redesigned in celebration of the 55th anniversary of the original soundtrack album to the fan-favorite cult TV series, the package features a newly-stylized layout with a deluxe three-spine box jacket and 12" x 24" fold-out insert including rare color photos from the MGM vaults.

The Addams Family: Original Music From the Addams Family has been lovingly re-mastered and includes, as a bonus 13th track, the essential vocal version of the series’ main theme which was inexplicably omitted from the original album.

• Redesigned package with three-spine jacket and double-sided 12" x 24" insert

• Monstrous vinyl is a horrifying 200g slab.

Side A:

1. Main Theme: The Addams Family
(Instrumental Version) (2:00)
2. Uncle Fester’s Blues (2:15)
3. Gomez (2:02)
4. Morticia’s Theme (2:41)
5. Lurch’s Theme (2:14)
6. One Little, Two Little, Three Little
Tombstones (2:26)
Side B:

7. Thing (1:59)
8. Laugh? I Thought I’d Die! (2:39)
9. On Shroud No.9 (2:26)
10. The Addams House (1:38)
11. Hide and Go Shriek (2:40)
12. The Anxiety Tango (2:05)
13. Main Theme: The Addams Family
(Vocal Version) (:53) *BONUS TRACK*

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The Addams Family. These immortal lyrics, first penned by composer Vic Mizzy in 1964, are indelibly etched in the psyche of America and of pop culture fans the world over, and rightfully so. Although the series, like it’s equally popular counterpart The Munsters, only ran for two seasons from 1964 to 1966 for a total of 64 episodes, it has remained in syndication and at the forefront of popular culture for over 50 years, spawning an animated series, multiple feature films both live and animated, several books and a dizzying array of merchandise for kids of all ages.