May 8th, 2018 – “Lookout everybody! Things are about to get awesome!” as Spacelab9 in conjunction with Gearbox Software and 2K Games announce the release of BORDERLANDS THE PRE-SEQUEL!: CLAPTASTIC VOYAGE Original Soundtrack LP. Making its vinyl format debut on Friday, May 11th, BORDERLANDS THE PRE-SEQUEL!: CLAPTASTIC VOYAGE Original Soundtrack LP collects all ten tracks from the fan-favorite expansion pack by award-winning composer Jesper Kyd (Borderlands series, Assassin’s Creed series, Hitman series, State of Decay series). Kyd’s masterful synth-driven score transports the listener through the twisted wired innards of Claptrap - from the ethereal to frantic, from trippy to electrical and rhythmic - listeners will relive their favorite in-game missions as the retro 80’s synth sounds pulsate through their stereo speakers. 

“Hey everybody! Check out my package!” Fans of the neurotic little yellow robot will rejoice at the deluxe packaging that awaits them with the BORDERLANDS THE PRE-SEQUEL!: CLAPTASTIC VOYAGE Original Soundtrack LP. Available on three distinct colored vinyl variants, including “Claptrap” yellow vinyl, “Claptrap’s Consciousness” clear & green vinyl and “Sys_Admin” purple vinyl, the LP is housed in a full color, heavy stock inner bag, and a beautiful full color gatefold jacket featuring imagery from the game. Opaque yellow “Claptrap” vinyl variant will be available exclusively from beginning Friday, May 11th. More information can be found at

Track listing is as follows:

Side A:

1 Inner Space (3:03)

2 Claptrap’s Defragmentation (3:55)

3 Fyrestone Simulation (3:41)

4 Pieces of Fyrestone (3:00)

5 Accessing the Brain (3:29)


Side B:

6 Left Brain Waves (4:43)

7 Central Hub (3:31)

8 Right Brain Waves (4:07)

9 The Deep Subconscious (3:18)

10 The Inner Core (2:53)

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