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For the first time ever, music from Cartoon Network’s Emmy-winning, hit series ADVENTURE TIME is made available to fans of all ages as a limited edition vinyl album! Featuring the voices of Jeremy Shada as Finn, John DiMaggio as Jake, Olivia Olson as Marceline, Tom Kenny as Ice King and show creator, Penn Ward himself as Lumpy Space Princess, the iconic music from Adventure Time is must-have for any fan of the long-running series. Featuring over 38 tracks spanning Seasons 1 (2010) through Season 7 (2015), the official Adventure Time album is the first and only time Cartoon Network has released this treasure trove of original music from the beloved series.

• SPACELAB9 exclusive variant includes fully unique alternate LP jacket artwork.

• Album includes the fan-favorite tracks “Adventure Time Theme Song”, “Remember You”, “My Best Friends in the World”, “All Gummed Up Inside” and “Bacon Pancakes”.

• Deluxe LP package includes a gatefold jacket with spot UV highlights plus a die-cut inner bag featuring notes from Adventure Time creative director and writer Pat McHale and storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar.

Side A:

1. Adventure Time Theme Song
2. Baby
3. Home Song
4. Friends
5. Susan Strong
6. All Gummed Up Inside
7. All Warmed Up Inside
8. As A Tropical Island / On A Tropical Island
9. Extremities Song (Balloon Music)
10. Melons (I Was Wrong)
11. My Best Friends In The World
12. Oh Fionna
13. Sleepy Puppies
14. Bacon Pancakes
15. Dream Of Love
16. Let Me Show You Something Special
17. Oh Bubblegum
18. Bad Little Boy
19. Good Little Girl
Side B:

20. I Just Can’t Get Over You
21. Have You Ever Had A Friend
22. Lemonhope’s Got Feet
23. Lemonhope’s Song
24. Rap Bear & Finn’s Rap
25. A Kingdom From A Spark
26. Baby’s Building A Tower Into Space
27. Everything’s Falling Into Place
28. Food Chain Song
29. Little Brothers
30. Lost In The Darkness
31. Money
32. Prismo’s Ritual
33. That’s All I Need
34. We’re Plants
35. Yeah, Girl It Stinks
36. Everything Stays (Young Marceline & Mom)
37. Candy Kingdom [Bonus]
38. Everything Stays

Adventure Time is the funny, modern fable of best bros Finn and Jake’s constant quest to be righteous and triumph over challenges in the fantastical Land of OOO.   There is never a dull moment with the help of Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline and BMO, all of whom join the adventure to defeat the misunderstood Ice King and protect the Land of Ooo.