Mega Man: Best of Mega Man 1-10 LP [MEGA PACK EDITION]

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The MEGA PACK edition LP is available exclusively from SPACELAB9.COM in
very limited quantities while supplies last - first come, first serve! Featuring a track listing hand-picked by the Capcom Sound Team, the album features music from the most memorable and iconic level and boss themes of the game franchise from 1987 - 2010.

This deluxe edition LP is available in two different colored vinyl variants based on key level bosses chosen by fans via social media poll, as well as one for the man himself. Packaged in a full color jacket with a full color inner bag featuring many exciting action shots from the game, the limited MEGA PACK edition also includes a bonus 18” x 24” poster and a full color sticker, and is housed in a die-cut, vintage NES-styled slipcover!

Side A:

1. Stage Select [MM1]
2. Cut Man Stage [MM1]
3. Elec Man Stage [MM1]
4. Metal Man Stage[MM2]
5. Wood Man Stage[MM2]
6. Flash Man Stage [MM2]
7. Crash Man Stage[MM2]
8. Dr. Wily Stage [MM2]
9. Skull Man Stage [MM4]
10. Bright Man Stage [MM4]
11. Dr. Wily Stage [MM5]
12. Stage Clear [MM5]

Side B:

13. Flame Man Stage[MM6]
14. Wind Man Stage[MM6]
15. Theme of Bass [MM7]
16. Burst Man Stage[MM7]
17. Cloud Man Stage[MM7]
18. Tengu Man Stage[MM8]
19. Galaxy Man Stage[MM9]
20. Fireball Strike (Strike Man Stage) [MM10]
21. Nitro Rider (Nitro Man Stage)[MM10]
22. Game Over [MM9]