Adventure Time Presents: Marceline the Vampire Queen EP [Vampire Queen Variant - SPACELAB9 Exclusive]

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Established as a fan favorite character from Cartoon Network’s Emmy® Award-winning series Adventure Time, Marceline The Vampire Queen now has the spotlight to herself with the release of ADVENTURE TIME PRESENTS: MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEN “ROCK THE NIGHTOSPHERE” LP. Following the release of the long sold-out picture disc LP version in November 2015, Spacelab9, in conjunction with Cartoon Network now bring ADVENTURE TIME PRESENTS: MARCELINE THE VAMPIRE QUEEN “ROCK THE NIGHTOSPHERE” LP back for a proper vinyl release.

• Marceline The Vampire Queen, a fan favorite character from the wildly popular Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time also appeared as the star of the of the Adventure Time miniseries, Stakes, which revealed the Vampire Queen’s origin.

• This exclusive record marks the return of the long sold-out Marceline Picture Disc EP, now expensive and highly sought-after on the collector ’s market. For the first time ever, this selection of tracks from Cartoon Network’s Emmy® Award-winning hit series appears on proper vinyl.

Side A

  1. Fry Song
  2. I’m Just Your Problem
  3. Journal Song

Side B

  1. Nuts
  2. Remember You
  3. House Hunting Song
  4. Not Just Your Little Girl

Created by Pendelton Ward for Cartoon Network; Adventure Time with its cast of wonderful, colorful characters such as Finn the Human and Jake the Dog and, the thousand year old vampiric rock music enthusiast Marceline the Vampire Queen has been steadily attracting a viewership of over 3 million with a diverse and loyal following from all corners of the globe.