Namco Museum: Arcade Greatest Hits LP [*Galaga* Variant - SPACELAB9 Exclusive]

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Flashback to the neon-colored decade when video killed the radio star, synth was the wave and video arcades dotted the landscape; the glorious 1980s! Prepare to relive the sounds and sights of the golden age of video games in your own living room with the release of the NAMCO MUSEUM: ARCADE GREATEST HITS LP brought to you by the creative team at SPACELAB9 in partnership with Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The first pressing of the NAMCO MUSUEM: ARCADE GREATEST HITS LP comes packaged in a “multicade” die-cut jacket, which simulates an actual arcade cabinet bezel, interacting with the full color, heavy stock inner sleeve allowing you to display your choice of action screens from PAC-MAN, GALAGA, MAPPY or DIG DUG! The package also includes a stunning 8-page full-color booklet featuring original arcade artwork and additional information about each game. 

Side A:

1. Game Play (1:56) PAC-MAN
2. Game Play (2:56) Galaga
3. Game Play (3:16) New Rally X
4. In-Game Music (2:50) Mappy
5. Game Play (1:41) Xevious
6. Game Play (1:42) Dig Dug
7. High Score (0:49) Dig Dug
8. Game Over (0:03) Dig Dug
9. Game Play (3:58) Bosconian
Side B:

10. Game Play (5:08) Gaplus
11. BGM: Crag (1:15) Dragon Buster
12. In-Game Music (1:42) Tower of Druaga
13. Sky Kid March (1:38) Sky Kid
14. Game Over (0:04) Sky Kid
15. Main Theme (1:45) The Return of Ishtar
16. Main BGM (3:20) Rolling Thunder
17. Evil Cross & Nightmares (Stage 4) (1:21) Splatterhouse
18. Ending (2:15) Splatterhouse
19. Miss (0:03) PAC-MAN

    We begin at the beginning with PAC-MAN - the first name in arcade royalty – and from there the audio adventure continues throughout the decade with pixel-perfect legends GALAGA, BOSCONIAN, NEW RALLY X, DIG DUG, XEVIOUS and MAPPY. The mid-late 80’s are equally represented with iconic arcade titles TOWER OF DRUAGA, GAPLUS, DRAGON BUSTER, THE RETURN OF ISHTAR, SKY KID, ROLLING THUNDER and SPLATTERHOUSE.