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The deluxe packaging for the LOST IN SPACE: TITLE THEMES FROM THE HIT TV SERIES EP features a clear vinyl disc with an image of the iconic Lost in Space robot floating in the record and is packaged in a die-cut jacket with an image of the Jupiter 2 spaceship which can be seen in the background. Exclusive to Record Store Day 2017 and limited to only 1,000 copies, the LOST IN SPACE: TITLE THEMES FROM THE HIT TV SERIES EP is now sold out everywhere.

Those who missed out, take heart; THE LOST IN SPACE: COMPLETE JOHN WILLIAMS COLLECTION DOUBLE LP (tentative title) is coming in late 2017! Williams' compositions for Lost in Space helped pave the way for his later, iconic film scores such as JAWS, STAR WARS, RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, E.T., JURASSIC PARK, HARRY POTTER and many more. Now, with access to the original studio session tapes, SPACELAB9 brings you these incredible recordings for the first time ever on vinyl.

Side A:

1. Season One and Two Main Title Theme (0:57) 
2. Season One and Two End Title Theme (0:51) 
3. Season One and Two Bumper (0:06) 
4. Season One and Two End Title Theme (Alternate Version) (0:43) 
5. Season Two Unused Main Title Theme (0:58) 
6. Season Three Main Title Theme (1:04) 
7. Season Three Bumper (0:07) 
8. Season Three End Title Theme (0:53)
Side B: 

1. Dick Strout interview with Jonathan Harris [1966] (7:13)
2. Dick Strout interview with Guy Williams and June Lockhart [1966] (8:29)
3. Interview with Irwin Allen [1985] (3:12)
4. Lost in Space Forever [1998] (End Title Theme) (1:04)