WWE Presents: Triple H "Evolution of the Game" LP [SPACELAB9 Exclusive Variant]

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The Evolution of the Game collects 11 of WWE Superstar Triple H’s most memorable entrance themes in one muscular volume, including several from long-time WWE composer Jim Johnston (The Undertaker, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin), who’s catalog spans over 30 years of sports entertainment entrance themes. The album also includes three tracks from heavy metal legends Motörhead (featuring the late Lemmy Kilmister): “The Game,” “King of Kings”, and “Evolution” – all of which have been played during non-sports entertainment events in arenas across America.

• Deluxe package includes full color gatefold jacket printed on gold foil laminate with spot matte UV finish and a full color printed inner sleeve. Also includes a full color 18 x 24 poster plus a digital download download card.

• The first official WWE vinyl album release since the 1980’s, The Evolution of the Game collects the iconic, career-spanning entrance themes for one of wrestling’s greatest Superstars of all time, Triple H, in one muscular volume.

• Album includes three tracks from heavy metal legends Motörhead, being made available on vinyl for the first time ever on this album!

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Side A:

1. Behold The King - Lemmy Kilmister [0:14]
(Unforgiven 2007 Intro)
2. The Game (Triple H) - Motörhead [3:23]
(11th theme/RAW 398 – January 8, 2001)
3. Blue Blood (Hunter Hearst Helmsley) - Jim Johnston 
(Wrestling Challenge 452 – Debut - April 30, 1995)
4. Are You Ready? (D-Generation X) - Jim Johnston [2:14]
(3rd theme/ RAW 236 - December 1, 1997)
5. Corporate Player (Triple H) - Jim Johnston [2:55]
(5th theme/Backlash 1999 - April 25, 1999)
6. Cerebral Assassin (Triple H) - Jim Johnston [3:16]
(7th theme/Over The Edge 1999 - May 23, 1999)

Side B:

7. My Time (Triple H) - Jim Johnston [2:44]
(8th theme/King of the King 1999 - June 27, 1999)
8. Are You Ready? (2000) (D-Generation X) - Jim Johnston [2:55]
(9th theme/RAW 355 - March 13, 2000)
9. Evolve (Evolution) - Jim Johnston [3:18]
(12th theme/RAW 525 - June 16, 2003)
10. Line in the Sand (Evolution) - Motörhead [5:03]
(13th theme/RAW 530 - July 21, 2003)
11. King of Kings (Triple H) - Motörhead [3:58]
(14th theme/WrestleMania 22 - April 2, 2006)

Triple H is considered one of the greatest Superstars of all time by industry press. From beginnings with the culturally influential D-Generation X to becoming WWE’s EVP of Talent, Live Events and Creative, he has main-evented WrestleMania seven times, which is the company’s pinnacle annual live event, and held over 20 championship titles.